New Web Frontier For Web Developers Using HTML5 and CSS3

By HTMLGoodies Staff

HTML, otherwise known as the Hyper Text Mark-up Language, and CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, are the building blocks of the web. Both languages are open source, and are compatible with all the current web browsers out there. And guess what? They also hold the keys to the future of web design!

The web is all about changes. Changes to technology, changes in the way people use the web, and changes relating to the way the web is created. The emerging standards, namely HTML5 and CSS3, will facilitate the greatest impact on the future of web development.

In 2008, the first draft of HTML5 was announced by the W3C. CSS3, which is also still being worked on by the W3C, was designed to facilitate the separation of data from design, much like the original version of Cascading Style Sheets. HTML5, along with CSS3, will likely ride on the success of previous versions of the markup language, and will heavily influence the development of websites and web-based applications.

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