HTML5 To Be Primary Language for Web-based Apps Says Ballmer

By HTMLGoodies Staff

According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, HTML5 will soon be the primary language, or "lingua franca" for websites and web applications. Speaking to the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Redmond, Ballmer said the line between websites and applications are blurring.

This year's conference theme is cloud computing with a focus on Windows Azure, Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer 9. The Redmond company hope that developers in the cloud-computing movement are aware of, and using its cloud computing platforms.

As Ballmer put it, "The glue that I think allows this world to come together and allow for amazing information is HTML5." Internet Explorer 9 has been downloaded over 10 million times, ensuring that its latest browser, which supports HTML5, is going to be a dominant player in the future of the web.

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