/daily_news/article.php/414476/Adobe-Annouces-Releae-of-HTML5-Video-Player.htm Adobe Annouces Releae of HTML5 Video Player

Adobe Annouces Releae of HTML5 Video Player

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The debate with Apple and Adobe has laregly focussed on HTML5 and Flash. Today Adobe announced that their latest video player is based on HTML5, and falls back on Flash only when the browser doesn't support HTML5's video tag.

Their HTML5-based video player is naturally cross-browser and cross-platform, so it works on Apple's iPhone, iPad and other non-Flash devices. Vimeo's player as well as Brightcove's player also support HTML5 video, and they are all based on open web technologies.

These open web video players utilize CSS and JavaScript for additional functionality, and the new player from Adobe stands to be a major player in the field.

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