/daily_news/article.php/414142/Webiya-Developers-Platform-Open-To-Developers-and-3rd-Party-Apps.htm Webiya Developer's Platform Open To Developers and 3rd Party Apps

Webiya Developer's Platform Open To Developers and 3rd Party Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The quickly growing social web platform known as Wibiya is launching a new developer's platform that will enable developers to submit their own apps using the well known Wibiya API. The Wibiya network attracts more than 175 million unique users a month, with over 80,000 active websites using the Wibiya web toolbar.

The Wibiya toolbar is used by sites such as TheStreet, Philly.com, and Playboy.com to known brands such as Jelly Belly and AVG, and over 25,000 new websites join the Wibiya network on a monthly basis. Developers can now submit apps ranging from toolbar pps to website plugins, and even API mash-ups are invited.

Dror Ceder, CEO and co-founder of Wibiya, spoke about the announcement, stating that "Wibiya has a very large growing number of websites from many different verticals that are craving new apps tailored to their specific needs. We have been getting many requests for many different types of apps such as location based apps, ecommerce apps, finance apps and more. Imagine developing an app and then finding out that a top newspaper started using it, or seeing it on thousands of websites without lifting a finger, this is the kind of power we offer developers for free".

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