/daily_news/article.php/414134/Mozillas-Open-Web-App-Store-Almost-Ready-to-Roll.htm Mozilla's Open Web App Store Almost Ready to Roll

Mozilla's Open Web App Store Almost Ready to Roll

By HTMLGoodies Staff

A preview of Mozilla's Open Web App Store was announced this week, allowing developers to have a look at the features of the upcoming store that will provide applications based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS. These apps will work on almost every desktop browser out there, as well as many mobile browsers.

The preview allows developers to install, manage and launch web apps using, at least in their words, "any" desktop browser or mobile device. This initial version supports paid apps and authentification. The dashboard enables the user to control the downloaded applications, and is created using HTML 5.

As stated, applications are limited to those which use HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript, and developers are required to add a JSON manifest to their apps. Other than that, they are open to create their own work, using a complete API specification which still allows them to sell apps from their own, or even other web app stores.

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