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What You Change On Your Site Does Affect SEO

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Your site's inbound link profile matters a lot in relation to your site's search engine optimization (SEO) status. When you change various aspects of your site, the link profile must be considered if you care about SEO.

Once you make changes, you have to consider if those who were already linking to your site would still link to it once they have seen your changes. The main points to keep a close eye on include:

  • Domain name - if you change your domain name, you will also need to implement 301 redirects, or risk losing your links.
  • URL Structure - often during a website upgrade, the URLs will significantly change. This affects links in both SEO as well as inbound links.
  • Content - has the content changed, or is the focus the same? It matters to search engines, and inbound links.
  • Whois - changes in domain ownership can often be related to a change in content, structure, etc.
  • Theme - If the concept behind your site has changed, ovbiously it will affect the search engines, your rankings, as well as those sites that have already linked to your site.
The moral: even relatively simple changes can impact your site's SEO rankings. Keep these tips in mind when you make any changes, and stay on top of the rankings!

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