/daily_news/article.php/413690/Is-HTML-5-The-Future-of-Social-Gaming.htm Is HTML 5 The Future of Social Gaming?

Is HTML 5 The Future of Social Gaming?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Stewart Putney, CEO of social game developer Moblyng, believes that HTML 5 is a great tool for developers, stating that "HTML5 is the future of social game development." He feels that HTML 5 will eventually win the war against Flash, as the cross-platform functionality of HTML 5 makes it an ideal platform for development.

Like it or not, HTML 5 will be supported by most devices that are used to access the internet. Games that are developed using HTML 5 will work on multiple devices and platforms, from desktop computers, to internet-ready appliances, to mobile devices.

As Putney put it, "The advantage for developers in using HTML5 is the ability to leverage their code across multiple platforms. All major smartphone platforms support a different type of native code, but the one commonality is HTML5. The iPhone, Android, WebOS, Backberry 6.0, Bada and Nokia's Symbian and Meego all support HTML5 apps. Even Windows Phone 7 will roll out support in the next year."

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