A First Look at the Drupal 7 Beta CMS

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The first beta release of the Drupal 7 content management system (CMS) was announced last week by the Drupal team. The release was long in the making, and has an improved User Interface (UI), additional features and an updated, easier installation process.

The installation procedure is streamlined, and allows you to chose between a Standard or Minimal install. Once you enter your database information and add your first user, the installer does the rest for you, and then presents you with the front page of your site.

The admin interface sits in a layer above the site, rather than appearing in a sidebar as previous versions did. A new fixed menu bar at the top of the page contains links to all of the admin functionality, a feature that previously required the installation of an additional module. This version also requires the use of PHP version 5.2, and contains a built-in Field API, which previously required the use of the Content Construction Kit (CCK) module.

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