/daily_news/article.php/413602/Facebook-Uses-HTML-5-In-Spite-of-W3Cs-Caution.htm Facebook Uses HTML 5, In Spite of W3C's Caution

Facebook Uses HTML 5, In Spite of W3C's Caution

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although the W3C doesn't believe that HTML 5 is ready for prime time, Facebook is a believer. So much in fact, that they recently published a description of how they are using the emerging standard on Facebook today.

David Recordon, Facebook's senior open programs manager, stated that "Our engineering teams started shipping HTML5 functionality over the past few months and we're quite excited by what's already possible." Facebook is currently using HTML 5's geolocation interface to share a user's location with other members. They also use the history interface to manage what a member sees on a page on the site.

The social networking giants also plans to use HTML 5's web storage functionality for better data caching, as well as web sockets to facilitate more effective communications between the server and the web browser. Additionally the company plans to use HTML 5's video support for providing video to iOS devices.

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