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HTML 5 Deals With Interoperability Challenges

By HTMLGoodies Staff

According to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), HTML 5 is dealing with interoperability issues, and is not ready for prime time just yet. The interaction domain leader for W3C, Philippe Le Hegaret, recently lamented that it's "a little too early" to deploy HTML 5, as the upcoming standard is "running into interoperability issues".

The W3C, the group primarily responsible for specifications such as HTML and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), will be changing its API and focusing on issues including the differences between video on various devices.

In June of last year, a source in the web standards community stated that the HTML 5 spec won't be finalized until 2022, 12 years from now. Although it is scheduled to reach the W3C Candidate Recommendations stage in 2012, it is still a decade off from being officially released and endorsed.

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