/daily_news/article.php/413048/New-Collaborative-Web-Development-Tools-from-Alfresco.htm New Collaborative Web Development Tools from Alfresco

New Collaborative Web Development Tools from Alfresco

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Alfresco Community 3.4, an open platform for social content management, is available for download. The new release features a Web Quick Start for an easier deployment process, and content integration with enterprise portals.

The company is hoping to entice businesses who are increasingly turning to social networking to collaboratively create, review and publish content, and create websites around that content. Larry Hawes of the Gilbane Group stated that "Alfresco's 3.4 release exposes more content management features within Share and third-party collaboration environments, empowering business people to quickly work together to create and publish content to websites, portals and social software."

The Web Quick Start features a set of ready-to-use templates for creating content-rich websites using Alfresco Share, and utilizes the functionality of Alfresco Share for web team collaboration.

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