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Mobile Development Is Still Driven by Teens

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Initially, adult entertainment drove the development process on the internet. In today's world, mobile is a driving factor for developers, and according to a survey on mobile usage, teens and young adults are now a leading force in mobile development.

Interestingly enough, China has the fastest growing mobile market, with the most tech savvy users--38% of respondents there use the mobile internet, and 5% use the most advanced data services, including internet, gaming and music. In the United States, only 28% of users do the same.

Texting is the most popular use on mobile devices, aside from phone calls, with 87% of users texting, and 39% of users also gaming. In the United States, teenagers are knowledgeable about the more advanced use of mobile devices, and young adults are catching up. This group of users is largely responsible for driving research and demand for new technology service and applications.

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