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If You're a Developer, App Store Rules Matter

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Apple recently released a new set of rules and guidelines for apps which are submitted to the App Store for the iPhone and iPad, and announced that they have a review board for app rejections. This is both good for consumers and developers, as it means better apps from a wider range of developers.

Recently Apple has been notorious for reviewing every app that comes through the door, and rejecting apps that it considers to be inappropriate. That's fine, but the world is made up of many types of people, and many developers have had apps rejected that they felt were entirely appropriate for many iPhone and iPad users. Users have spoken out on the web about some of the more highly contested rejections, and Apple's newly published guidelines have a large effect on both users and developers.

Included in Apple's guidelines is a list of things that may cause an app to be rejected. This has long been a source of contention for developers who have felt that, at least it they had such a list, they could avoid spending time on an app that will inevitably rejected.

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