Rhodes Creates Apps for Mobile Devices Using HTML 5, JavaScript and Ruby

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Rhomobile Rhodes 2.1 includes new features such as bar codes, signatures, jQTouch to Rhomobile platform, all designed to facilitate the creation of native apps that run on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

The largest challenge facing developers today is the wide variety of mobile devices, and their specific operating systems, and the creation of apps for those operating systems. Rhomobile's solution is to use HTML, JavaScript and Ruby to allow the creation of native apps that run on different devices, without forcing the developer to re-code for each device.

Rhomobile believes that the rapid development of native apps is possible using Rhodes, announcing that "Rhodes is an open source framework to rapidly build native apps for all major smartphone operating systems (iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android). These are true native device applications (NOT mobile web apps) which work with synchronized local data and take advantage of device capabilities such as GPS, PIM contacts and camera."

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