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HTML 5 Key To Internet Explorer 9 Improvements

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Yesterday Microsoft released the beta release of Internet Explorer 9 to the general public. With this release comes improvements in performance that Microsoft says were achieved by taking advantage of improvements in computer hardware, and as expected, HTML 5.

Dean Hachamovitch, corporate VP of Windows Internet Explorer at Microsoft, stated that the goal of any browser should be about user satisfaction, and went on to say "The Web is about sites; the browser should be, too. People go to the Web for sites not for the browser. Much as you go to your PC for apps, not Windows. Today, Websites are boxed in. The box is the browser."

Microsoft brought about 70 partners to the event where they announced the release. Some of the partners are taking advantage of the features of HTML 5 to provide those features to their site's members, especially video. MySpace, for example, is using the enhanced HTML 5 support to enable its members to access video content more easily on the social networking site.

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