Tired of Ugly CSS? Online ProCSSor To The Rescue

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Often, as a developer, we tend to peek at other developer's work. View Source has made it easy to see what another person's CSS code looks like, and often it looks...well, messy. If you'd like to beautify your own CSS, ProCSSor may be what you've been looking for.

ProCSSor is an online, web-based tool that allows you to enter CSS code directly, or through a file you upload, or a URL for a CSS file. It takes the CSS code and alphabetizes the elements in it, and allows you to select one of seven different brace styles.

Currently it is limited to using any of the above methods to input the actual CSS code. You can just throw it the URL for a website and expect it to extract the CSS--you must know the specific URL of the CSS file itself. Bottom line--it's free, useful, and if it matters to you how your CSS appears, may be a useful tool for the developer's toolbox.

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