/daily_news/article.php/410530/A-View-of-the-Life-Cycle-of-a-Website.htm A View of the Life Cycle of a Website

A View of the Life Cycle of a Website

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Analyzing your website clients' needs is crucial to the success of your website. Understanding their needs is the first phase in the web development process, as the client is the one who sets the goals and objectives for your website.

The second stage of development is the design phase, which is where designers take the information obtained during the first phase and provide the appropriate design. Using a web development technology appropriate for their goals (i.e. mobile, desktop, shopping cart, etc.), designers configure the layout, content and design of the site, so developers can actually put it in place.

This is where the third phase takes place. Developers write the code that will enable the features that were approved during the previous two phases, along with the initial testing for site functionality. The fourth and final phase is where developers get serious about website testing. Any bugs or issues are worked out and resolved before the website is "ready for prime time."

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