/daily_news/article.php/410528/Developers-Poised-to-Sell-Apps-Through-Chrome-Web-Store.htm Developers Poised to Sell Apps Through Chrome Web Store

Developers Poised to Sell Apps Through Chrome Web Store

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google last week released documentation about its upcoming payments and licensing API for the Chrome Store. The Licensing API will utilize an app ID and user ID to track payments and provide users with access to apps they have paid for.

In a recent blog post, Munjal Doshi, Software Engineer for Google, stated that the Chrome Web Store will offer a built-in payments system that allows developers to charge for apps, which will allow users to purchase apps without leaving the store.

The current version of the Licensing API does not return live data that is based on purchases, rather it returns dummy responses that can be used to verify the various scenarios that are likely to occur during the app purchasing process. No changes to code will be required when it goes live, however, so developers are encouraged to start developing their apps as soon as possible.

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