Apple's iPad Has Come a Long Way

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many folks know the story of the iPod, but not many are aware of the development process that Apple's iPad went through. Back up ten years, when Bill Gates unveiled Microsoft's Tablet PC...and then it happened, a vision was born.

The Tablet PC had no keyboard, it was essentially a netbook computer, and it wasn't exactly powerful. So why has Apple received such an ovation for a device, the iPad, which is essentially the same type of device? The iPad is thin, lightweight and snug. It can be used to browse the web, send and receive email, handle photos, music, videos, apps, games, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, ebooks and more.

Apple's display technology is hard to beat. With low power consumption, (can you comprehend 10 hours of web surfing on one charge?), multi-touch technology, and all the other features, other companies' attempts at matching it are feeble at best.

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