/daily_news/article.php/410290/Using-YSlow-and-Page-Speed-To-Speed-Up-Your-Website.htm Using YSlow and Page Speed To Speed Up Your Website

Using YSlow and Page Speed To Speed Up Your Website

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Once you've hit a plateau using various techniques that are used to speed up your website, it becomes more difficult to see any progress. By using Using YSlow and Page Speed you can get back on track, and shave a few important seconds off your site's loading time.

If you aren't familiar with Yahoo’s YSlow and Google’s Page Speed, they are tools that can show you specifically what is slowing your site down, as well as point out some optimizations that you may not be aware of.

These tools often show you items that can be improved, such as image compression, removing comments from code, or using compressed, combined JavaScript and CSS files. Other items may be beyond your access, such as improving cached images and static files. The key is to balance aesthetics, content and speed to enhance your site and improve its usability.

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