/daily_news/article.php/409968/Leaked-Microsoft-IE9-Snapshot-Surfaces.htm Leaked Microsoft IE9 Snapshot Surfaces

Leaked Microsoft IE9 Snapshot Surfaces

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This weekend Microsoft Russia uploaded a snapshot of MSIE 9, stating that the browser's user interface (UI) will be very similar to Google's Chrome web browser, Reuters stated. Not long after it was released, the snapshot disappeared.

Internet Explorer 9 is scheduled to be released at Microsoft's Beauty of the Web launch event in San Francisco coming up on September 15th. The snapshot revealed that IE 9 will not have tabs for RSS, email, print or Tools, and bookmarks, refresh and the stop button will be missing as well.

The URL and Search bar have are included, however, and the browser works fine with MS Vista and Windows 7, while XP and older OSes may have issues with the soon to be released web browser.

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