/daily_news/article.php/409858/Web-Developers-Ponder-the-Question-iPad-App-or-HTML-5-App.htm Web Developers Ponder the Question: iPad App or HTML 5 App?

Web Developers Ponder the Question: iPad App or HTML 5 App?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The iTunes store is the number one music retailer in the United States, and Apple's iPhone and iPad have impacted the way web developers think when considering development options. The question is, do they develop a dedicated iPad app, or create an HTML 5 app that will work "across the board?"

Although many large companies have already created iPhone apps, the initial rush to create iPad apps has slowed down. Developers have realized that although iPhone apps also work on the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, iPad apps only effectively work on the iPad.

Competition from other tablet makers is coming from both Android and Windows, each of which has its own standards and platforms that developers must create specific apps for. That it, unless they create apps using HTML 5. Not only will apps made using HTML 5 (and related technologies including JavaScript and CSS) work on the iPad, they will also work on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Chrome, and most smartphones. Develop once and deploy.

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