/daily_news/article.php/409666/How-Does-Psychology-Fit-Into-Search-Engine-Optimization.htm How Does Psychology Fit Into Search Engine Optimization?

How Does Psychology Fit Into Search Engine Optimization?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although you can implement search engine strategies and tactics to help bring your clients to the top, when it comes down to it, it often ends up being more of a lesson in psychology than a web development project.

Who are you? More importantly, what identity does your website hope to convey? Who is your audience? Do they know who you are? What are the goals of your website? Have you worked to achieve those goals?

It may sound like something out of a psychology textbook, but search engine optimization (SEO) requires you to think like that if you want your site, or your clients' sites, to succeed. There is no fast and easy, simple one-stop "fix" to bring your SEO efforts to the top--it takes study, work and effort--and time.

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