/daily_news/article.php/409664/Microsofts-Flash-Killer-Silverlight-4-Documentation-Moving-Slow.htm Microsoft's "Flash Killer" Silverlight 4 Documentation Moving Slow

Microsoft's "Flash Killer" Silverlight 4 Documentation Moving Slow

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Microsoft this week released the latest version of its documentation for Silverlight 4, however even Microsoft says the documentation hasn't changed much since the last version, since the two releases share many of the same features.

As a member of the Silverlight team stated, "There is quite a bit of overlap between developing for Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4 and so in order to not duplicate content in different locations on the web, both versions are covered in the same set of MSDN documentation."

Microsoft has been working with developers, however, to ensure that they have the resources needed to work with Silverlight 4, including the ability to see what versions of Silverlight an API is supported in using the "Version Information" section of the new API documentation. The latest version of Silverlight was released by the software giant in April.

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