Google's Chrome Web Store Uses Standard Web Technologies for More Than Games

By HTMLGoodies Staff

As Google prepares to launch its Chrome Web Store, this week at GDC Europe, Google’s new game developer Mark DeLoura and Chrome developer Michael Mahemoff discussed the Chrome browser and app store and the potential of future web app development.

The Chrome Web Store is scheduled to launch in October, and its goal is to make it easier for developers to distribute, find, and make some profit from the browser-based games they develop. The Chrome Store works like other web app stores--a user can browse or search through the offerings, look at reviews and ratings, and purchase the apps through the Google Checkout system, with the developer paying a 5% processing fee to Google for the sale of their app.

Google’s Pac-Man app is just an example of what is possible using standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Think more about something such as Quake 2 being ported to HTML5, and you have an idea of what is on the horizon. The thing is, using these same technologies, developers can also create other applications, other than games, and that's where the future of the Chrome store is leading.

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