/daily_news/article.php/409134/New-W3C-Font-Platform-Could-Stylize-the-Future-Web.htm New W3C Font Platform Could Stylize the Future Web

New W3C Font Platform Could Stylize the Future Web

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The W3C, which is the working group that defines how the web is created, is eagerly working on a new Font Platform that could change the way we see the web, literally. Currently web developers have relatively few fonts to work with, even with Google's new Font API, but the W3C's Font Platform would provide a wide variety of type styles that have always been available to print media.

Recently, the W3C's Web Fonts Working Group released version 1.0 of the The Web Open File Format (WOFF). It will provide developers with a platform for both open source and commercial font providers to make their fonts accessible on the web.

Chris Lilley, W3C fonts activity lead, discussed the details of the project, stating that "In print, publishers use lots and lots of fonts all the time. And there is a mechanism for that: They can get a font from a particular client, and use it on their computers. And when designers come to the Web, they're in shock when they find they can't do that."

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