/daily_news/article.php/408542/Tweets-and-Trends-API-Updated-by-Twitter.htm Tweets and Trends API Updated by Twitter

Tweets and Trends API Updated by Twitter

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Twitter's introduction of its Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends moved forward today with the update of its Application Programming Interface (API) which provides developers with access to third party data.

Twitter's stated goal is to become the ultimate third-party destination site, according to Matt Harris, developer advocate at Twitter. While the process continues, the results of using the new features of the API will not be apparent.

"Clients using the API will see new fields related to promoted content in the response they get back from the /1/trends/current.js on request and any local trends requests. These two new data points will show in the json response as 'events' and 'promoted_content.'"

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