/daily_news/article.php/407960/HTML-5-CSS3-and-JavaScript-based-Apps-Showcased-in-New-iPhone-App-Store.htm HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript-based Apps Showcased in New iPhone App Store

HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript-based Apps Showcased in New iPhone App Store

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many developers have created web apps for the iPhone which look and act like typical native applications. Until now, there was no app store that focused on apps made using HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but today the OpenAppMkt was announced, and iPhone web apps have a storefront of their own.

OpenAppMkt features a clean interface for searching apps, and users can also browse apps by category. iPhone users who want to "install" the app can just create a shortcut/bookmark to the OpenAppMkt website on their home screen. When an app is selected from the store, users install it the same way, and icons appear on the iPhone home page just like native apps.

Though they are created using the basic technologies of the web, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, when the apps are running on the iPhone, they appear full screen, without the usual navigation bars and other items that you expect to see when you are using the Safari web browser. Although Apple's App Store does include web apps, their web apps are lacking the user reviews and screenshots that OpenAppMkt is providing. With time, OpenAppMkt hopes to offer thousands of apps in every category.

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