11 SEO Mistakes You Don't Have To Make

By HTMLGoodies Staff

People make mistakes in their search engine optimization (SEO) practices each day, and their websites suffer as a result. In this article we'll tell you about 11 typical mistakes that you don't have to make when working on your site's search engine strategy.

The first, and biggest mistake is to not optimize your website at all. Building a website and not promoting is like having a store but no sign to advertise it to the public. If folks can't find your site in the search engines, you may as well not even have a website.

The second mistake is not doing the proper research when it comes to keyword selection for your site. Be thorough in your keyword research. Use all the tools at your disposal, research well, then research again. Localize. Don't stuff your keywords, and don't take for granted that the templates or CMS you are using are doing the job properly.

Content is king. Unique content is not just nice to have, it's essential to your site's mistake. Do not submit your website to search engines using SEO submission software. Don't forget about social networking media, and use it to your advantage. And while you should stay current in your SEO research, don't jump on every bandwagon that SEO "experts" may tell you.

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