Jolicloud: HTML 5, Cloud Computing The Future

By HTMLGoodies Staff

A new project from the co-founder of Netvibes, called Jolicloud targets the netbook market using HTML 5 and cloud computing. Users are able to back up and synchronize chosen apps between multiple installations using the service.

The co-founder, Q&ATariq Krim, said the idea behind Jolicloud was "an OS that has a very simple user interface — most of the OSs right now are quite cluttered. We are also targeting users who turn to the web for most of what they do."

Speaking about the emerging web standard, Krim said that "HTML 5 is the future of interfaces, but we still live in a hybrid period of time where we still need to have native applications. It is an interesting model if you only rely on the web, but that's not the reality of most people today."

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