/daily_news/article.php/407474/Adobe-Buys-Enterprise-Focused-Web-CMS-from-Day-Software.htm Adobe Buys Enterprise-Focused Web CMS from Day Software

Adobe Buys Enterprise-Focused Web CMS from Day Software

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Adobe and Day Software announced that they have entered into an agreement in which Adobe bought the company for $240 million dollars. According to Adobe, "The acquisition will strengthen the company’s enterprise software solutions with market leading Web Content Management (WCM), Digital Asset Management and Social Collaboration offerings."

Day has refocused their Web CMS software over the past few years to personalize the visitor experience and enhance web-based engagement using native and integrated technologies. As far as Day Software is concerned, they also feature a content application platform called Day CRX, which is designed to enabled the development of what Day calls "composite content applications", and is the basis for its Web CMS.

According to the information that was released about the deal, Day Software will continue as a product line in Adobe's Digital Enterprise Solutions Business Unit.

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