New Embedding Code for YouTube Enables Video on HTML 5 Compatible Devices

By HTMLGoodies Staff

YouTube has announced that it has come up with a new embedding code which enables users to see Flash video on desktop PCs and HTML 5 video on mobile devices with HTML 5 support. The new code uses iframes to automatically display the Flash or HTML 5 video player depending on the web browser you're using

Developers have long been able to embed YouTube videos on their sites, using the Flash player. With many of the latest mobile devices, including the iPhone, Flash is not supported, so YouTube began using HTML 5 and its video codecs, to provide video to those users. While they are still working on the functionality that will create the proper embed code, developers can use iframes to do the job right now.

Videos that are based on the iframe embedding code will automatically display the Flash or HTML 5 video depending on the web browser being used to view the site. The iframe enables the site to recognize the type of browser or OS that is being used, and typically uses HTML 5 for mobile devices and Flash for desktop computers.

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