Glide WebOS Converts Flash to HTML 5 for iPad Users

By HTMLGoodies Staff

At a time when Adobe is working hard to keep Flash alive, WebOS service Glide has announced that its mobile version not only supports iPad users, it converts Flash to HTML 5 video in real time. Glide updated its mobile site to use HTML 5 exclusively, while its desktop WebOS uses Adobe Flash.

Glide, when viewed via a desktop computer, is a web-based operating system with features including a word processor, calendar, e-mail, and media playback. The mobile version, similar to the desktop WebOS, allows access to the media files you have stored in your online file storage on Glide.

If you have Flash files stored, you will be able to access them on your iPad, as Glide uses a "universal translation engine" which is able to translate over 250 file formats, including Adobe's Flash. Glide offers free accounts with 30GB of storage space, and premium accounts with 250GB of space for $50 per year.

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