/daily_news/article.php/406872/Adobe-Contribute-CS5-Creates-Websites-Without-Pain.htm Adobe Contribute CS5 Creates Websites Without Pain

Adobe Contribute CS5 Creates Websites Without Pain

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Since Adobe's release of Contribute CS5 in May, non-technical content creators have been using the tool to add to and edit websites and blogs without the need to learn HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Using a WYSIWYG interface, they are able to modify and add to content without worrying about the technical details.

Using Webkit--the same rendering engine used by Safari, Google Chrome, iOS and Android--Contribute's built-in browser improves the fidelity of testing the content that users create. PC users are able to preview their content in several browsers at once, although the product is not integrated with Adobe's BrowserLab online web page preview service, as it is with Adobe Dreamweaver.

Users of Contribute CS5 are able to edit the content of menus, text and image content areas, and this version also includes the ability to edit server-side includes (SSI), which actually live on the web server. The tool identifies the SSI content and enables users to edit them just like they would do for other page elements.

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