/daily_news/article.php/406870/CSS3-Pie-Utility-Allows-Creation-of-IE-Friendly-Code.htm CSS3 Pie Utility Allows Creation of IE Friendly Code

CSS3 Pie Utility Allows Creation of IE Friendly Code

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although Microsoft Internet Explorer lacks support for CSS3, at least until IE 9 debuts later this year, some folks are still working on solving that problem. Developer Jason Johnston has created a utility called CSS3 Pie that lets you use some of the features of CSS3--even in Internet Explorer.

CSS3 Pie is a library that creates DHTML behaviors that IE is able to interpret. It essentially "translates" some CSS decorations, such as border-radius, border-image, box-shadow, multiple background images and gradient backgrounds.

The site is currently just a demonstration that Johnson has created to showcase his work, but it will eventually become a useful utility, if he continues to update it. With IE9's release looming in the future, he better hurry up.

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