/daily_news/article.php/406774/Developers-Preferred-Mobile-App-Development-Platform-Is.htm Developer's Preferred Mobile App Development Platform Is?

Developer's Preferred Mobile App Development Platform Is?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Until recently, Symbian and Java ME was the platform of choice for developers. Recently, however, the Android and iPhone have taken the lead, as this report from Pluggd.in shows.

At a time when many Windows Phone MVP developers who would otherwise never abandon the Windows platform are actually carrying iPhones, many developers are hesitant to re-invest in Windows Phone.

One in five of those developers who were surveyed release mobile apps in both the App Store and Android Market. For developers, market penetration and revenue potential is the driving factor, and with today's economy, they are very concerned about the economic implications of their development practices. Android has risen to the top--more developers are working on Android apps than any other platform, with Apple's iPhone running close behind.

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