/daily_news/article.php/406094/Outdated-SEO-Techniques-Put-Your-Website-At-Risk.htm Outdated SEO Techniques Put Your Website At Risk

Outdated SEO Techniques Put Your Website At Risk

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Some SEO experts will continue to use outdated optimization techniques that may not hurt your website, but they certainly aren't helping. Practices which worked even a year ago may not be working now, and must be improved and adjusted as SEO recommendations change.

Google's new Caffeine search algorithm tends to focus more on key areas of websites, and less on aspects that once seemed vital, such as keyword and description meta tags. Other facets of SEO are equally unimportant lately, such as W3C validation, and keyword stuffing.

While experts won't be likely to tell you to skip the meta tags, as they are a part of a normal web document, other items such as using the nofollow attribute simply won't do you any good, as Google has changed the way nofollow works. Other methods that no longer work at all include reciprocal linking, and paid linking, which have fallen to the wayside for web developers. Content is key, your keywords should be in your content, and your site should have relevant links, to and from other sites, not just links on any site out there. SEO moves forward...

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