Opentracker Announces Developer API for Website Statistic Clients

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Opentracker Communications today announced the release of an API (Application Programming Interface) which enables developers to access its real-time website statistics services through websites and applications. This will facilitate the creation of websites and mobile apps which can now access and process statistical website data from its flagship services.

By using the API, Opentracker users can directly access their stats, and integrate them into their own mashups or websites, bypassing the standard reporting interface. Opentracker CEO Eddie Moojen was excited about the release, stating that "This new API greatly increases the range of data that can be extracted. That means users of Opentracker can now expand both the way they use the application, and the level of information retrieved. It can be custom-tailored to look they way they want it."

Resellers and web developers will be able to use the API to integrate data into web applications, portal solutions and more, sharing them with an unlimited number of people. Documentation for the API is available at the Opentracker website.

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