/daily_news/article.php/405546/HTML-5-Video-from-YouTube-on-the-iPhone-and-Android.htm HTML 5 Video from YouTube on the iPhone and Android

HTML 5 Video from YouTube on the iPhone and Android

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google's YouTube mobile site has been re-written in HTML 5, enabling mobile users to access the videos and features of YouTube without using Flash. While iPhone and iPad users will embrace the mood, other platforms such as Android will be equally excited.

The YouTube mobile site began hosting videos in 2007 with 1000 videos and has grown so much that it is currently streaming over one hundred million videos a day. iPad users can also access the full YouTube site by enabling an HTML5 video player.

The new mobile YouTube user interface has been optimizes for touch-based input, and all the features of user's YouTube accounts, such as favorites, playlists, etc., can be accessed. Users report that the new mobile site performs very well on the iPhone compared to the old site.

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