In Spite of the Hype, IE8 Use Growing 3 Times Faster Than Chrome

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Microsoft Internet Explorer has gotten a bad rap lately, with months of declines in overall market share. The latest browser market share stats, however, show that IE8 is reversing its losses, at least in the United States--gaining users three times faster than Google Chrome.

If you were to look at a break down by browser version, Internet Explorer is in the top three spots--with IE8 in the lead. Internet Explorer 6, however, is still far behind with 17.17 percent, and IE7 in forth place, just behind Firefox 3.6.

Overall, IE still leads the overall market share, with 60.32 percent of web surfers using some version of the browser. Firefox dropped by .51 percent, while Chrome gained .2 percent, with its total measure being only an eighth of the market share that Internet Explorer has.

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