/daily_news/article.php/404946/New-Android-Appsfrom-Yahoo.htm New Android Apps...from Yahoo!

New Android Apps...from Yahoo!

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Yahoo! today announced the release of some native Android applications which use its services, and added some HTML 5 support to its iOS platform. Android users now have access to Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger, as well as new web-based clients which use some of the features of the emerging HTML 5 specification.

Yahoo! has spent considerable effort letting folks know that this is their first attempt, however their Yahoo! Go had many of the same features. It was developed in Java, so porting it to Android wasn't likely to have been much of a problem.

The three applications, which Android users have an option to install, include one for mail, one for IM, and another which provides a homepage search widget to be used when Google doesn't provide the search results you are looking for.

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