Online Adult Industry Looking To HTML 5 for the Future

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The online adult entertainment industry has always been at the forefront of technology, so when Joone, the co-founder of Digital Playground, says that HTML 5 is the favored multimedia platform, web developers' ears perk up.

Wolfgang Gruener from ConceivablyTech.com puts it bluntly, stating that "It is a no-brainer to predict that Flash will live and die with content. If Adobe can provide compelling reasons for developers to build Flash apps, Flash may stay with us for a long time. But if Apple is able to ignite a format war that turns into an either-or decision for developers (no developer will voluntarily develop for more platforms than absolutely necessary), which is the format that is likely to win?"

Joone believes that HTML 5 is the future, and his Digital Playground has been using HTML 5 to stream content to iPhones for over a year now. "Mobile browsers run HTML 5 very well. Flash brings everything to a crawl and has an impact on battery life. With HTML 5, there is no reason to show our content in Flash."

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