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HTML 5 Specification Feels the Pain of Standardization

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With all the recent discussion about browsers, services and mobile devices using HTML 5, one would think that HTML 5 is ready to rule the world. The truth is, in spite of what Google and Apple say, the spec is still going through some growing pains that will take time and effort to heal.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), who recently returned to work on the spec after years of absence, has produced tensions with the Web Hypertext Application Working Group (WHATWG) that has been working on HTML 5 during that the W3C's "days off."

The visions that both groups had for the emerging specification have begun to differ recently. Browser makers Opera Software, Mozilla, and Apple formed the WHATWG to continue working on HTML 5. The W3C eventually decided that it needed to once again be involved the process of building the future of the web. The differences between the two groups may seem minor to most developers, however they will have to be worked out in the long run, or as some feel, the specification may suffer, as there is a lot riding on this one standard.

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