HTML 5 the Focus on Google's "HTML5 Rocks" Site

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Web developers and designers just got a new resource with Google's new site that is devoted to HTML 5. The site, called HTML5 Rocks, was created to educate developers and designers about HTML5.

Google has been talking a lot recently about the emerging standard, and lately Apple has joined in the discussion, at times getting past the whole Adobe Flash vs. Apple HTML 5 debate to discuss the feature set of HTML 5, which includes local storage, native audio and video, geolocation and more.

The new HTML 5 Rocks website is said to be Google's response to Apple's Safari Dev Center, and includes an interactive presentation that was created using HTML 5, an HTML 5 playground that enables developers to work with HTML 5 code, tutorials on the various aspects of HTML 5, and a tool and resource section. The site is best viewed using a web browser which currently supports HTML 5, such as Google's Chrome or Apple's Safari.

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