/daily_news/article.php/403630/Has-Google-Caffeine-Changed-Your-Sites-SEO-Rankings.htm Has Google Caffeine Changed Your Site's SEO Rankings?

Has Google Caffeine Changed Your Site's SEO Rankings?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google recently announced that its Caffeine indexing service has been officially rolled out. Search engine optimization experts have been preparing for months, but just what does "Caffeine" mean to your own website optimization?

Google created Caffeine with speed and accuracy in mind. The new indexing service crawls and analyzes websites much faster than before, which enables more accurate real time results showing up in the search engine results. This means that sites with fresh content will benefit from Caffeine.

Thus far most sites with constantly updated content have seen no major changes in the results. It could be that their content is working well for their SEO results, or perhaps Caffeine has been overrated? Only time will tell, and SEO providers and web developers will be paying close attention.

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