Can Adobe Win: Flash on 250 Million Smartphones in Two Years?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Adobe is betting that it can get Flash on 250 million smartphone devices within the next two years. Why would smartphone makers want to help Adobe win this bet? Two words: the iPhone.

While the arguments that Apple has against Flash on the iPhone and iPad have yet to be proven, no matter what, we are not likely to see Flash on any iDevices any time soon. Flash applications provide a basis for some of the freshest and most popular sites on the web, from games to movies to full fledged applications. Applications, videos and games that iDevice users can't access.

That brings us back to Adobe and their bet. Flash is an attractive option for iDevice competitors, which makes Android and Blackberry more inclined to promote their Flash-enabled devices. Flash could be a viable, comparative option for smartphone makers, making Adobe a very happy camper in the long run.

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