Expression Studio 4 To Simplify The Web Development Process

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Today at Internet Week NY 2010 Microsoft announced the release of its Expression Studio 4. Microsoft's goal with this release is to enable developers and designers to join forces to create dynamic applications using their existing skills and tools.

S. Somasegar, senior VP of the Developer Division at Microsoft, had this to say about the release, "Great design and development both require passion, skill and exceptional tools. With Expression Studio 4, we’re delivering a single toolset that brings these two worlds together. The new features in Expression Studio 4 enable better customer engagement, greater flexibility and faster time-to-market."

Features included in this release allow the seamless flow of creation between design and development. Streamlined website development and simplified video publishing are among other new features. Microsoft hopes that current users of Expression will see an increase in the business opportunities that this release offers.

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