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Smartphones Plus HTML 5 Equals Easier Application Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although it won't happen overnight, web developers are already considering their options with the future of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). With more mobile users gaining access to the mobile web each day, HTML5 has already been working its way into browsers and developer tools.

With the demanding nature of smartphone applications, the shortcomings of today's HTML are apparent, and HTML5 looks to be a more efficient mechanism for bringing content to both the mobile and desktop environments.

The choices developers are faced with begin with one question. Do I develop for the specific operating system, such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or do I develop for the web browser? There are significant advantages and vulnerabilities to each approach.

Using the native OS approach, applications can gain access to cameras, calendars and other elements, while the other approach is a cloud-based model in which devices access applications over the internet. The native approach requires the developer to create a different app for each OS, while the cloud approach inherently produces generic applications which can't use the native tools.

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