/daily_news/article.php/403436/HTML-5-is-More-Than-a-Marketing-Term.htm HTML 5 is More Than a Marketing Term

HTML 5 is More Than a Marketing Term

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With Apple's launch of Safari 5, it's official. Marketing people have taken the term "HTML5" away from developers, and are using it simply to promote products and services.

Although HTML5 has been and "up-and-coming" specification that has been around for a decade, persistent developers have brought it back to life with new features including built-in video, to 2D graphics. But because it is a complex topic, with few who truly understand it, marketing engineers have taken it upon themselves to package it nicely so it's comprehensible to the masses.

Apple created an HTML5 demo just for that reason. Their demos include swirling iPods, transforming photos and plenty of eye candy. The only caveat is that, to view their demos, you must be using the Safari web browser. The demo pages themselves will inform you that Safari is free to download and use, but they won't tell you that there are other browsers that also support HTML5. Marketing at its best!

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