New Yahoo! APIs Available for Fantasy Sports Site Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Developers of sports fantasy websites will be excited about Yahoo!'s latest announcment: API suites for its Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball services. Also announced were upcoming APIs for Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Hockeym, which are to be released in the coming months.

The director of Yahoo!'s fantasy sports division, David Geller, says the APIs will enable developers to access data about individual games, teams, leagues, players and transactions along with data from users of Yahoo!'s services. "It's a fairly robust suite of APIs for developers to build against," Geller says. "We've allowed internal Yahoo! users to developer against them and we've see creative tools in the mobile space and on the web."

The company believes that the market is open, as no other large-scale fantasy sports service has made its data available to developers. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, fantasy sports is a billion dollar business, something that Yahoo! hopes to tap into.

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